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About Thai Express

When you think of Thaï Express, what comes to mind?

Is it the striking take-out box that is filled with the vibrant flavours of Thaïland? Is it the diverse crowds that line up to witness their meal created in front of them through the flames of the signature wok station? Or is it simply being able to choose a fresh, delicious Thaï dish with the protein and level of spiciness of your liking.

It is a combination of these key drivers of flavour, speed and variety that that will entice hungry consumers to Thaï Express.

With over 300 locations worldwide, Thaï Express is the leading quick casual brands in the work serving Thaï cuisine. From Vancouver to St John’s, Canadians have embraced the brand as the ambassador of the food of Thaïland and consequently making Pad Thaï as common as poutine. Thaï Express continues with our ambitious expansion strategy as we are projected to open several new locations, and we are looking to find the right partners to grow together with us.

Operational Efficiency

Since 2004, the Thaï Express Quick Casual model is dedicated to treating clients to meals cooked right before their eyes with fresh ingredients in an extremely short period of time. We understand that time is precious to all clients, and it typically takes 45-90 seconds (depending on the dish and amount of dishes ordered) to serve a customer from the order at the cash to the presentation of the meal to the client. Consequently, this proven operational model is designed to handle high volumes that translate into significant sales.

It is not uncommon to see a lineup at a Thaï Express location, but it is important to note that the queue is constantly moving. What customers appreciate is being able to see the transformation of the raw ingredients in a sizzling wok as the flames dance around into a hot, comforting meal filled with flavour. This is why food court clients line up to experience the sights, aromas and tastes of the Thaï Express experience.

In-Store Design

Our in-store design is a pivotal element that significantly influences the overall dining experience for our clients.

Beyond merely providing a physical setting for meals, our interior design plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance, atmosphere, and Thai Express identity. Every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal that lends to our overall eating experience.

Thai Express concept is carried throughout the store, creating a cohesive environment that complements the menu and overall brand image. From bright LED graphic signage, lighting, finishes, elements of Asian flare and green arrangements, Thai heart can be found not only in our food but in something you can feel in our stores.

Brand Support

As a Thaï Express franchisee, you benefit from an extensive theoretical and practical hands-on training at one of our training facilities that fully immerse you in the operational experience. You also have a designated Business Development Consultant committed to regular visits to help coach your team and collaborate on improving operations, customer service and sales.

Thaï Express also provides full marketing support when it comes to national advertising campaigns, direct mail, national feature dishes, social media, in-store point-of-purchase materials and your own marketing initiatives. Both strategic and creative resources are available to help ensure your initiatives align with your goals and the spirit of the brand.




Initial Franchise Fee
Capital Required
Investment Level
$450,000 - $725,000
Royalty Fee
Ad Fee

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