Frequently Asked Questions

What is FranchiseHub?

FranchiseHub is a platform designed to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with suitable franchising opportunities. We utilise advanced AI technology to match your profile with franchises that align with your goals and capabilities.

Listing your franchise in front of prospective franchisees is easy. Simply register as a franchisor or agent then start listing your businesses on our website. Connecting with prospects has never been easier!

Our platform analyses various data points, including franchise success rates and your individual preferences, using machine learning algorithms. This enables us to generate a personalised prediction score and recommend the most suitable franchise options for you.

Absolutely. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your data. All information provided is encrypted and handled with the utmost care, adhering to strict data protection protocols.

The cost of starting a franchise would vary but it can range anywhere from $10,000 $1 Million.

Yes, there are royalty free franchises such as Charley Biggs or Freshslice Pizza. For more information on their 0% royalty and 0% ad fees go to Franchise Hub home page and see their listings. 

You can refer to Sample Business Plan to help create your business plan. 

Our Business Loan Calculator will help calculate your returns from your business investment on an annual basis.

Starting a business can be rewarding and empowering, offering the opportunity to pursue your passions and create your own path. However, it requires careful consideration of your skills, resources, market demand, and willingness to face risks and challenges. See how we can help you with your decision here!

A franchise fee is licensing fee that a franchisee (an individual or business) pays to a franchisor for the right to operate a franchise business using the franchisor’s brand, systems, and support. 

A franchise is a business arrangement where a franchisee operates under the established brand and system of a franchisor, typically involving payment of fees for support, branding, and the right to use the business model. 

A franchisor is a business entity that owns the rights and trademarks of a company and grants permission to individuals or entities (franchisees) to conduct business using its brand, products, and operational model. The franchisor typically provides support, training, and sometimes supplies, in exchange for fees and adherence to brand standards. 

A franchisee is an individual or entity that purchases the right to operate a business under the franchisor’s brand and system. They are responsible for managing the franchise, adhering to the franchisor’s guidelines, and often contribute initial and ongoing fees while benefiting from the established brand and support. 

The best franchise to own depends on your personal interests, market trends, financial investment capacity, and desired level of involvement. It’s important to research and consider franchises that align with your strengths and goals, and also have a strong track record of success and support for their franchisees.  

Deciding between starting a franchise and your own business hinges on your appetite for risk and desire for operational control. Franchising offers a structured business model with established brand recognition, while starting your own business allows for greater independence and creative freedom, but with more initial uncertainty.