Franchise Hub Debut in Winnipeg!


🎉 Franchise Hub Makes Its Debut at the National Franchise Expo in Winnipeg! 🎉


We at FranchiseHub were thrilled to make our franchising debut at the National Franchise Expo in Winnipeg on February 3rd and 4th.

As the ultimate destination for connecting potential franchisees with proven franchisors, Franchise Hub is poised to revolutionize the way individuals embark on their entrepreneurial journey. With our user-friendly tools like a Loan Calculator, Simple Business Plan and Side by Side Franchise comparisons, attendees quickly realized this was the ultimate franchising tool. With an extensive network of franchising opportunities, we at FranchiseHub are committed to empowering individuals to buy or sell the smart way to realize their dreams of business ownership.

Here’s what we at Franchise Hub experienced at the National Franchise Expo:

  1. Introduced our new franchise friendly search tool:

    We had the chance to show thousands of people on why FranchiseHub helped potential franchisees make informed decisions. We connect the dots so informed buyers can find the right franchisors, and businesses through our franchising experts and the invaluable insights that only FranchiseHub offers. The result? People loved it and found it helped them make informed decisions when navigating the world of franchising.

  2. Informing people on lucrative opportunities:

    We were able to educate people on franchise opportunities spanning various industries, including food and beverage, retail, health and wellness, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time investor, we had options any where, for any franchise, for everyone at Franchise Hub.

  3. One-on-One Consultations:

    we had some great personalized demonstrations with our team of franchise specialists who helped people assess their goals, interests, and investment preferences to help you find the perfect franchise opportunity.

  4. Upcoming Expo’s:

    Come visit us at upcoming franchise expos in both Canada and the US to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Dates and locations can be found on Buy & Sell Franchises in Canada & The United States – FranchiseHub

We can help you buy or sell the smart way. See you at the expo!


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