Teriyaki Experience

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 4%

Teriyaki Experience

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 4%

About Teriyaki Experience

Since it was founded in 1986, Teriyaki Experience has been the leader in delivering quality Japanese food made fresh before your eyes. Our meals provide delicious, healthy options in the Japanese food category in over 110 locations throughout Canada, U.S., Middle East, Europe and Central America.

Why Choose Teriyaki Experience?

Nationally recognized brand operating over 30 years

Industry specialists support daily operations so you’re never alone!

Top training from industry specialists designed to prepare you to operate your business to its fullest potential

Marketing team that will provide you with proven tools and strategies for attracting and retaining customers

Location assistance; we will negotiate the best possible deal for your site

Franchise Information

Franchising Locations All of Canada
Franchise Fee $30,000
Website teriyakiexperience.com
Royalty Fee 6%
Ad Fee 4%
Business Coaching No
Financial Assistance No
Investment Level $350k – $500k

Sample Business Plan

This a typical business plan for a franchise and it will be useful to help understand the cost components that drive a business and percentage contributions to your overall profitability.

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Sample Business Plan
Average Daily Sales $0
Average Annual Sales Excluding Taxes $0
Annual Expenses
Monthly % of Sales & Flat ValuesTotals
Royalties by Franchisor 6%$0
Regional Advertising Fees by Franchisor
Local Marketing by Franchisee 0%$0
Promotions or Discounts 0%$0
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 0%$0
Employee Perks & Miscellaneous 0%$0
Manager & Employee Wages 0%$0
Insurance $0$0
Telephone & Internet $0$0
Accounting, Utilities & Banking $0$0
General Waste 0%$0
Maintenance 0%$0
Rent $0$0
Total Expenses $0
Gross Profit/Loss $0
Profit Margin 0%
ROI Calculations
Value of this location = Net profit multiple of 4$0
Total Capital Investment $0
Total Capital Gain Earning $0
Total Earning (Net Profit + Capital Gain) $0
ROI 0%

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