Sobik’s Subs

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 2%

Sobik’s Subs

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 2%

About Sobik’s Subs

Sobik’s Subs since 1969

In 1969, the Submarine Sandwich was a relatively unknown concept in the South. The original Sobik’s Sub shop was born out of Central Florida. With a strong customer following for their tasty Steak and Cheese and Deli Subs, the lines began to form and people started inquiring about expanding their sub concept, and the expansion of Sobik’s Subs began.

What does the Sobik’s Subs franchise system offer?

The Sobik’s Subs name
License to use the trademarked Sobik’s Subs name and logo creates instantaneous brand name recognition.

The Sobik’s Subs marketing package
Website, integrated POS systems, mobile ordering, and managed social media. We keep up with the times!

The Sobik’s Subs operating system
Your recipe for success! This system is an established and proven network of purchasing and centralized distribution; proprietary recipes, preparation and presentation, quality control, and analytics.

The Sobik’s Subs training system
Three weeks of hands-on training that includes all of the necessary information to make you a profitable business owner:

  • The artistry of sub making!
  • Learning about order purchasing
  • Food costs and controls
  • Staffing guidelines
  • Food handling and sanitation

What are the benefits?

  • Less franchisor interference-truly be your own boss
  • Comparable to lower-end startup investment
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • You can choose your own location
  • Buy a multi-location area and make more $$$!
  • Did we mention over 45 years of experience?

Sobik’s Subs represents an excellent business investment opportunity, whether you are seeking one location, which you can own and operate yourself, or multiple Sobik’s Subs restaurants in a protected geographical area. We welcome inquiries for Area Development Franchisees.

Additional training and support from our corporate operations personnel continue through the life of your agreement.

Franchise Information

Franchising Locations United States: Florida
Royalty Fee 6%
Ad Fee 2%
Franchise Fee $20,000
Business Coaching Yes
Financial Assistance Yes
Investment Level $77k – $272k

Sample Business Plan

This a typical business plan for a franchise and it will be useful to help understand the cost components that drive a business and percentage contributions to your overall profitability.

Enter your own numbers in the white cells and review the overall impact on your business investment.

Sample Business Plan
Average Daily Sales $0
Average Annual Sales Excluding Taxes $0
Annual Expenses
Monthly % of Sales & Flat ValuesTotals
Royalties by Franchisor 6%$0
Regional Advertising Fees by Franchisor
Local Marketing by Franchisee 0%$0
Promotions or Discounts 0%$0
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 0%$0
Employee Perks & Miscellaneous 0%$0
Manager & Employee Wages 0%$0
Insurance $0$0
Telephone & Internet $0$0
Accounting, Utilities & Banking $0$0
General Waste 0%$0
Maintenance 0%$0
Rent $0$0
Total Expenses $0
Gross Profit/Loss $0
Profit Margin 0%
ROI Calculations
Value of this location = Net profit multiple of 4$0
Total Capital Investment $0
Total Capital Gain Earning $0
Total Earning (Net Profit + Capital Gain) $0
ROI 0%

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