Chopped Leaf

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 4%

Chopped Leaf

Royalty: 6% • Ad Fees: 4%

About Chopped Leaf

Grow with us.

Join a team of ambitious leaders paving the way in the fresh food industry. Grow with us as you own your own successful Chopped Leaf franchise with the support you need every step of the way. We offer comprehensive training, support from each department, and a brand that has a proven track record for expansion across Canada, including an aggressive growth plan for 30+ locations in the coming year.

Like you, we believe freshness and flavour go hand-in-hand, and nutritious meal options play a vital role in maintaining a balanced life.

Like you, we are leaders in the fresh food industry and encourage better-for-you choices.

Like you, we want to inspire the community to cherish fresh and delicious food.

Join us. And let’s grow together and celebrate a brand dedicated to feeling good after we eat.

  • Our proven, streamlined operations with no cooking involved proves that simplicity is the key to success, allowing you to focus not only on the quality of the food, but customer service and overall community engagement.
  • From initial inquiry to grand opening & beyond, you will work with our team that prioritizes building strong, lasting relationships and provide personalized solutions and support every step of the way.
  • Daily operations are extremely user friendly, with a minimum of two staff members per shift – passionate and attentive staff is all that’s needed: no chefs, no specialized skills, no university degrees – it really is that simple.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing throughput during peak lunch and dinner hours by utilizing our proven & simplistic operations model is what keeps customers coming back.
  • As a franchisee, you will strive to become more involved in your community by engaging with customers, fellow business owners and local organizations to bring healthy and fresh cuisine to the community.

Franchise Information

Franchising Locations All of Canada
All of the United States
Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Fee 6%
Ad Fee 4%
Business Coaching Yes
Financial Assistance Yes
Investment Level $350k – $500k

Sample Business Plan

This a typical business plan for a franchise and it will be useful to help understand the cost components that drive a business and percentage contributions to your overall profitability.

Enter your own numbers in the white cells and review the overall impact on your business investment.

Sample Business Plan
Average Daily Sales $0
Average Annual Sales Excluding Taxes $0
Annual Expenses
Monthly % of Sales & Flat ValuesTotals
Royalties by Franchisor 6%$0
Regional Advertising Fees by Franchisor
Local Marketing by Franchisee 0%$0
Promotions or Discounts 0%$0
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 0%$0
Employee Perks & Miscellaneous 0%$0
Manager & Employee Wages 0%$0
Insurance $0$0
Telephone & Internet $0$0
Accounting, Utilities & Banking $0$0
General Waste 0%$0
Maintenance 0%$0
Rent $0$0
Total Expenses $0
Gross Profit/Loss $0
Profit Margin 0%
ROI Calculations
Value of this location = Net profit multiple of 4$0
Total Capital Investment $0
Total Capital Gain Earning $0
Total Earning (Net Profit + Capital Gain) $0
ROI 0%

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