CDN ElderCare LTD.

Royalty: 0% • Ad Fees: 0%

CDN ElderCare LTD.

Royalty: 0% • Ad Fees: 0%

About CDN ElderCare LTD.

CDN ElderCare, a franchise opportunity dedicated to providing specialized Massage & Companionship for seniors across Canada.

Franchising with CDN ElderCare can be a rewarding opportunity for you to further pursue your passion for senior care while also managing a business. As a franchisee, you would have the chance to leverage our established brand, proven business model, and ongoing support to create a successful eldercare community that prioritizes the holistic wellness of its residents.

Benefits to you:

Our thorough & extensive training program along with a detailed operations manual and 24/7 management support with all the information and resources necessary to run your business, together we are committed to see you succeed and help alleviate the stress that any new business owner has to help you be successful.

  • Low overhead / No leasing required
  • No monthly Royalty Fees

The key advantages of franchising for Franchise Owners:

  • Brand Recognition & Loyalty

As a CDN ElderCare franchisee, you will benefit from the reputation and recognition of our established brand. We have built a strong presence and trust in the market and have a proven track record of success.

  • Extensive & In-depth Training
  • Experienced Directors

With years of experience in the eldercare industry, we have developed a proven system that ensures the highest standards of care and customer satisfaction. Our franchisees benefit from our expertise and comprehensive training programs.

  • 24/7 Management Support

We provide comprehensive support to our franchisees, including initial training, ongoing marketing assistance, operational guidance, and access to a network of experienced professionals. You will be part of a select team and won’t be alone in building and managing your business.

  •   Lucrative Marketing Opportunity
  •   Effective Advertising Strategies

The demand for Eldercare Massage & Companionship is rapidly growing as the population ages and more people recognize the numerous benefits it offers. Join an industry that has a promising future and provides a meaningful service to a deserving demographic.

  •    Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

 As a franchise owner, you can enjoy the benefits of being your own boss while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You have the freedom to set your own schedule and manage your business based on your personal preferences and have the ability to dictate your personal income.

  • License to use our valuable CDN ElderCare Logos
  • Proven Business Concept
  • Operations & Training Manuals
  • Policy & Procedure Manual for Employees and Office Staff
  • Forms, Sample Letters, Employee Contracts / Agreements, Service Agreements, Client Plan of Care
  • Protected Territory
  • Training on our Client & Employee Scheduling & Operations Software Programs
  • Employee Training Manuals
  • Support with Presentations in Retirement Homes
  • Support on Finding the Right Employees
  • How to Build Close Relationships and Retain your clients
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Fellow Franchise Owners with whom to Exchange Ideas & Experiences
  • Collective National Marketing
  • The Strengths of Being Part of a Network

We will provide you a list of preferred lists of premier Service Providers for your Business Cards, Brochures, Letterhead, Banners and many other marketing tools offered through CDN ElderCare. As well as Comprehensive General & Professional Liability Insurance, Payroll Services, Criminal & Vulnerable Sector Checks, Bonding Solutions, Signage, Name Badges, Vehicle Branding, Uniforms, and a diverse array of other essential marketing assets.

Supporting franchise owners across Canada is a top priority at our company. Whether you’re a new franchisee or a seasoned franchisee, our experienced team in the eldercare industry is dedicated to providing ongoing guidance and 24/7 support to ensure your success every step of the way.

Franchise Information

Franchising Locations All of Canada
Royalty Fee 0%
Ad Fee 0%
Franchise Fee $34,500
Business Coaching Yes
Financial Assistance No
Investment Level $34.5k – $50k

Sample Business Plan

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Enter your own numbers in the white cells and review the overall impact on your business investment.

Sample Business Plan
Average Daily Sales $0
Average Annual Sales Excluding Taxes $0
Annual Expenses
Monthly % of Sales & Flat ValuesTotals
Royalties by Franchisor 0%$0
Regional Advertising Fees by Franchisor
Local Marketing by Franchisee 0%$0
Promotions or Discounts 0%$0
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 0%$0
Employee Perks & Miscellaneous 0%$0
Manager & Employee Wages 0%$0
Insurance $0$0
Telephone & Internet $0$0
Accounting, Utilities & Banking $0$0
General Waste 0%$0
Maintenance 0%$0
Rent $0$0
Total Expenses $0
Gross Profit/Loss $0
Profit Margin 0%
ROI Calculations
Value of this location = Net profit multiple of 4$0
Total Capital Investment $0
Total Capital Gain Earning $0
Total Earning (Net Profit + Capital Gain) $0
ROI 0%

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